Mamma leker med barn på Bödastrand.

Find your beach paradise

Silky smooth sand dunes, crystal-clear water and dramatic sea stack fields. Sweden has several world-class beaches. Here are four of them.



Popular Bödabukten on Öland's north-east coast features 20 km of lovely sandbeach. The sea currents are depositing new sand, not taking it away, which means the beach is expanding. Bödabukten consists of several beaches. such as Fagerrör, Homrevet. Lyckesand and Böda Sand. Combine sun and swimming with a wide range of activities: water sports, tennis and electric cars to name a few.


The best sand in the Nordics is found at Österlen's most southerly outcrop in Skåne. The smooth dunes in the Sandhammaren nature reserve have been voted Sweden's best beach multiple times. Just remember that the currents can be strong, so don't swim too far out. There is also a historie lighthouse and rescue station from 1862 when the area was known as Sweden's biggest ship graveyard.

Vy över sandstrand med dyner och havet i fonden.

Vy över vik kantad av sandstränder.


One of Norrland 's most popular swimming destinations is much more than just a beach. In the dramatic mountains around Smitingen you will find an impressive five large tunnel caves. There are also sea stacks, glacial erratics, shingle fields and several interesting walking paths. But its heart, of course, is the inviting sand beach.

Enjoy smooth cliffs, crystal-clearwater, and top-class beach volleyball courts.

Vy över sandstrand med havet i fonden.


Sweden's longest sand beach stretches from Båstad in the south to the mouth of Lagan in the north. It was long known as a place to go to gather sea- weed, but with the construction of the first beach cottage in 1908, it began its transformation into a tourist magnet. Today the 12 km beach is a popular destination, thanks to its shallow water and silky smooth dunes. Mellbystrand is also considered a windsurfing paradise.