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Search Sweden’s biggest selection of cottages. At Camping.se you’ll find cottages all over Sweden, whether you are looking for a luxury, fully equipped cottage or a more basic cabin, whether you like peace and quiet or being surrounded by lots of activities.

Ramsvik Stugby & Camping

Cottages on the West Coast

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Stugor på Kapelludden Camping, Öland

Find a cottage on Öland

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Stugor på Sudersand Resort, Fårö, Gotland

Rent a cottage on Gotland

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Stugor vid poolen på Destination Apelviken

Cottages by the pool

Stay in comfort in a cottage at a campsite with a pool or close to a larger swimmingpool . Here is a list of cottages if you want to spend time by the pool.

Cottages by the pool

Stugor på Ramsvik Stugby & Camping

Cottage by the beach

If the beach and swimming are important to you, there are 168 campsites that offer cottage accommodation by the water, from Gällivare Camping in the north to Löderups Strandbads Camping in the south.

Cottage accommodation by the sea or a lake


Accommodation in a luxury caravan

Stay in a luxury caravan at a campsite in Sweden. We have luxury caravans all over Sweden in all price ranges. 

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