Två barn på cyklar i sommarnatur. De bär hjälm och skyddskläder.

Kids summer Sweden

Challenging water games, dizzying rides and brain excersices. Sweden promises kids a summer of relaxation and adventure.



Playful cycling. Pedal, jump, and work on technique. The dirt track has a series of humps and obstacles perfect for the young BMX or mountain bike cyclist. There is no pedalling on the pump track; instead, the speed comes from curves and bumps. A perfect way to learn how to be active on the bike. Or why not try the track on a kickbike, a skateboard or inlines? A scintillating experience that will turn a frown upside-down.



Hole in one. Disc golf is based on the same principles as normal golf, but it is played with a Frisbee like disc instead of fiveirons and golf balls. And instead of holes, players aim for baskets. The simpler equipment and faster game make disc golf more accessible. And once you've started, it's hard to stop. Håsten in west-coast gem Varberg has courses that are just the right degree of difficulty for almost everyone.



Underground excitement. Falu Mine's history stretches more than 1,000 years back in time and offers unusual and exciting adventures, both aboveground in theopen pit and underground in the old tunnels and halls. Guides accompany you 67 m underground. Please note that children must be at least 3 years old to go underground, and children under the age of 12 must be accomampanied by an adult.

whitewater rafting, VINDELÄLVEN

River adventures. Vindelälven is one of the last of its kind in Europe: a river that is not being used for hydropower. And therefore, like Forsknäckarna realised, perfect for whitewater rafting. Nature's powers remain unharnessed and create fantastic challenges and exciting adventures. There is a really tough run for visitors who are at least 18years old, but children from the age of 7 can also strap on their helmet and set off on a family adventure.

Personer i en gummibåt i vild fors. De bär hjälmar och flytvästar.


Popular water board sport. Everyone can go Stand Up Paddle boarding, regardless of age or strength. It might be the perfect summer activity. You get everything associated with the warmest months of the year - blazing sun, refreshing water, warm windsby just climbing onto the board and grabbing the paddle. The shallow waters at Öland's Haga Park offer the perfect conditions.   



Largest amusement park in the Nordics. Nothing says Swedish summer classic more than the amusement park in the heart of Gothenburg. Dizzying roller coasters and twirling carousels. So many different rides that children of all ages will find something that will make their stomach tingle.

Barn med blå hjälm åker rodel ner för metallbana.


Watch out below! Anyone who has watched lycra-clad athletes whoosh down the tracks during the Winter Olympics understands that rodeling is one of the fastest sports there is. You might think that the awesome sledding requires an icy surface, but you can also try it in the summer. Rättviksbacken has one of Sweden's coolest tracks. 

SÖRSJÖN adventure park

Breathtaking heights Just north of Norrköping lies this adventure park for those who. under safe conditions, want to conquer their fear of heights - or already have. Almost everything at Sörsjön requires moving around high up in the treetops. Climb ropes courses from 2 to 20 metres, zipline across the lake or zip bike among the pines. After an introduction, the only thing left to do is test how far (up) you dare to go.



Sharpen your senses. Science's youngest centre is located in Karlshamn. Here. children (and adults still young at heart) are invited to try experiments related to space, the human body, sustainability, and technology. Endless discoveries for curious minds. In Kreapark, the outdoor park, children can test their balance, spin Archimedes' screw or ride a raft. Don't miss the exciting dinosaur exhibition that opens in the spring of 2021.