Lurö in lake Vänern

Route 3: Across Sweden, including the Göta Canal

This delightful route extends from Gothenburg on the west coast all the way to Stockholm on the east coast, and back. On the way are attractions such as the legendary Göta Canal, the idyllic region of Småland and Sweden’s two largest lakes, Vänern and Vättern. Be enchanted by the many inviting towns along the route and the varying landscapes.

The route in brief

This route, too, starts in the port city of Gothenburg, which you can reach on a Stena Line ferry, for example. From Gothenburg the route heads inland to the southern point of Lake Vättern, continuing along the eastern side of the lake up to Vadstena. Here it turns eastwards towards the towns of Linköping and Norrköping, before coming out on Sweden's east coast, which it follows to Stockholm, the capital. The return journey goes due west to Örebro, down the northwestern side of Lake Vättern to Karlsborg, and from there to Lake Vänern with stops in Mariestad and Lidköping, before finishing in Gothenburg.
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Göta Canal

One of the most attractive sections on this route is undoubtedly the Göta Canal, where you will encounter tradition, nostalgia, pleasure-boat captains and many curious onlookers at the locks. The canal is dubbed “Sweden’s blue ribbon” and, together with the Trollhättan Canal, links the North Sea and the Baltic. The canal is 190 km in length and has 58 locks.


Whatever you do, don’t forget your bike! The gently undulating landscape and idyllic spots along the way are perfect for cycling. There is also a popular cycle track along the Göta Canal. Exploring Stockholm by bike is also great fun. The city centre boasts a large number of cycle tracks and having a bike enables you to explore further afield, as well as bringing the many attractions away from the old town island of Gamla Stan within easy reach. 

Route across Sweden

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Travel information

  • Duration2-3 weeks
  • Best time to travelMay to October
  • DistanceApprox. 1,400 km

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