About Camping Key Europe

Camping Key Europe connects campsites all over Europe. With the app Camping Key and Camping Key Europe in your smartphone, Europe is open to you, and your holiday will be more convenient, safer and cheaper. Camping Key Europe contains lots of benefits and offers as well as accident and liability insurance. 

You will need a Camping Key Europe or a Camping-ID to check in to any SCR Swedish Camping-affiliated campsite. Camping Key Europe cost 199 SEK, it's valid for 12 months from purchase, and is activated in the app Camping Key.  Camping-ID can be obtained free of charge by downloading the app Camping Key from the App Store or Google Play. The app has a QR code that is scanned at check-in.

Camping Key Europe provides:

  • Discounts on accommodation at thousands of campsites in Sweden and Europe.
  • Quick and easy check-in and check-out. No papers to fill in, just swipe or scan your Camping Key Europe from the mobile and it’s done.
  • Exclusive offers from Camping.se.
  • Discounts and offers in Sweden and abroad.
  • Accident and liability insurance. With Camping Key Europe, the whole family is insured in the event of an accident.


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Benefits and offers with camping key europe

In addition to a quality-assured camping experience, Camping Key Europe offers a number of direct benefits to you as our guest.

Stugknut med blommor utanför och utsikt över fält i solnedgång.


With Camping Key Europe, you get access to accommodation discounts at 2 500 campsites in both Sweden and Europe. You will find all beneficial accommodation discounts in the app Camping Key, at campingkeyeurope.com and atCamping.se where you can book directly.

Familj sitter på brygga vid sjö en sommardag.

discounts and offers

With Camping Key Europe, you get access to extra beneficial discounts from selected partners. You will find all available discounts and offers in the app Camping Key, which is regularly updated with new beneficial discounts. You can also visit Campingkeyeurope.se.

Husbil i skymning med lyktor och två stolar utanför.

Exclusive offers from camping.se

Camping Key Europe gives you access to exclusive offers from Camping.se, for example Black Weekend and first night free in May and September. Offers that only can be booked by you as a holder of Camping Key Europe.

Framsidan på Magasinet Camping.se 2023.

Magasinet Camping.se hem i brevlådan

Dessutom får du med Camping Key Europe*, Magasinet Camping.se kostnadsfritt hem i brevlådan i februari nästkommande år (ordinarie pris 110 SEK). Resemagasinet med katalogen över Sveriges alla certifierade campingplatser, är fullproppat med tips inför Sverigesemestern, både när det gäller besöksmål, upplevelser, aktiviteter, mat och boende. Magasinet Camping.se 2023 har skickats ut till alla som köpt ett Camping Key Europe mellan 1 februari 2022 och 31 januari 2023. Du som köpt ditt kort efter 31 januari 2023 kommer få 2024 års magasin i brevlådan i februari nästa år. 

*Gäller endast svenska hushåll.


The insurance is a complement to other insurance, which means that any existing insurance will be used first. The claims event must have occured within the camping area (or other places covered by the insurance) and must be reported to the camping site owner or equivalent, certifying the occurred incident.

For whom the insurance applies

The cardholder and his/her family and up to 3 accompanying children under the age of 18 years.

Where the insurance applies

Throughout Europe, Marocco or Turkey provided the guest is cardholder of a valid Camping Key Europe card and that the camping site, caravan/camper site, hotel or  rented cabin is run for commercial purposes.

When the insurance applies

For claims events that can occur within the camping site, caravan/camper site, hotel or in a rented cabin.

Download the insurance terms and conditions or / and a claim form here

Scope of insurance and maximum compensation per insured and incident accident

  • Medical expenses due to accident
  • Dental expenses due to accident
  • Local travel expenses related to the care and treatment
  • Additional costs for repatriation
  • Additional costs for the repatriation of the deceased, alternatively funeral in place
  • Damaged property due to accident
  • Rehabilitation and technical assistive
  • Unused camping / summer cottage / mobile home or hotel charges

The app Camping Key

Camping Key Europe can be used off-line in the app Camping Key. However, you must be online for updates. The card can be activated on up to 3 units at once and it's currently only available for Android and iPhone users. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can print out the card as a PDF.

Download the app Camping Key

Google Play

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European cooperation

Camping Key Europe is a European collaboration between consumer organizations and campsite representatives, which is owned by the ANWB. In Sweden, Camping Key Europe is sold through SCR Swedish Camping, which is the industry association for Sweden’s campsites. SCR Swedish Camping works to develop and improve the holiday experience at Swedish campsites.

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