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Cottages in Sweden

Spending holidays in a cottage is a Swedish tradition. has Sweden's largest selection of rental cottages.

Sweden has one of the highest numbers of cottages per inhabitant in the world. We started to build holiday homes here already in the 1500s, but back then only the nobility could afford them. It was first in the 1900s that they began to be available for the general population. Even if far from everyone has their own cottage, many have rented or been invited to a cosy holiday home - in an ar­chipelago, the forest or the mountains. There are many options to choose from, and offers Sweden's largest selection of holiday cottages. This selection makes finding a cottage for your dream holiday easy - whether you want to be close to the beach, the forest or the pool.

When you rent a cottage at a campsite, you also gain access to other amenities, such as pools, kids' clubs, restaurants and entertainment, if you want. You live with nature around the corner while also having a full range of services at your doorstep. has 7,000 cottages in a range of sizes and standards, from small and picturesque to large and luxurious with extra everything. Here are several examples.

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BEACH COttages

You can stay in a cottage next to the beach at 220 of our campsites. Some have a sea view, others a lake view - and all are walking distance to the bea ch. Just grab your towel and stroll on down for the day. At Kneippbyn Resort on Gotland, for example, you can go to the seaside every day.

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cottages close to hiking

lf you want to hike, we have 167 campsites with cottages next to a hiking trail. Just roll out of bed, tie on your hiking boots and step out the door for the day's adventure1 lf you would ratherexercise, you will find 176 campsites with cottages close to exercise trails. Arctic Camp Jokkmokk in Lappland is one of the campsites that offers both.


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cottages for fishing

Cottages at a campsite are perfect for visitors looking to fish. Sweden offers fantastic fishing, and there is almost always a campsite close to the best fishing waters. Anglers will find 199 campsites with cottages in the perfect location. One of them is Dragsö Camping & Stugby in Blekinge.


Sudersands Grill & bar på Fårö, Gotland

cottages close to restaurants

lf you like to alternate adventure, playing and cottage life with delicious dinners and late nights filled with music, laughter and good drinks, search among our cottages. There are 140 campsites offering the perfect combination with a restaurant walking distance from the cottage. One of them is Hölick Havsresort in Hälsingland.

poolside cottages 

lf you plan on spending a lot of time by the pool, you can browse our 60 campsites that have pools: adventure pools with slides and trampolines and spas and saunas for relaxation. Hang out by the pool every day at Årjäng Camping & Stugor Sommarvik in Värmland.

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